Drones Are Changing The World – 38 Ways

Drones are changing the World

As drones enter almost every industry in one form or another. New innovative and interesting use cases and tasks will emerge to which we can set them. All in the benefit of working safety, efficiency of time, money and resources.

In the follow article, we will list 38 different ways how drones impact society and change the World.

1. Military

US Predator Military Drone

Air Strikes

Air strikes are what drones are most renowned for. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (U.A.V’s) have been used for payload deployment since WWII. When the Japanese connected bombs to air balloons. Then managed to ride them on the jet stream current half way around the World.

Over the last 30 years, the technology has become deadly sophisticated. Now, unmanned drones can out perform regular plane and pilots in many regards.

The majority of drones from most countries are classified and unseen.


Drones are changing the World - toy drone, but not in a game

Patrol micro drone for intelligence gathering

Toy drones are nothing to be sniffed at. This nuisance drone may give his squad invaluable intelligence. Multiple units can be taken on deployment and they look cheap, but I am sure the tech would impress any 4 year old!

The fixed wing drones, high in the sky, also give vital surveillance information. With high powered cameras, face detection and the ability to read a car license from miles up, has been part of the military’s arsenal for many years now.

Drones can now stay up in the sky for months and soon indefinitely. Along with their array of sensors and large areas they can cover, they have become to go to surveillance tool for the military.

2. Police

Drones are changing the World - Policeman controlling police drone with car in background

Published by the Daily Mail. A Lincolnshire Police Drone Pilot

The police too, are taking advantage of the technology. With a drone costing $2000 in total, compared to a helicopter and crew at $800 an hour. Police are using their funds as wisely as possible. An Officer in an interview with Sky News stated,

‘On the lower end, it would be for taking photographs of collision sites, but I’m absolutely confident the future will be to have situational awareness .i.e visual oversight of incidents even counter-terrorism incidents.’

Today police forces all over the World are using drones for a variety of tasks:

  • Search & Rescue
  • Traffic collision reconstruction
  • Investigate active suspects
  • Crime scene analysis
  • Surveillance
  • Crowd monitoring

Each Country and each force will be restricted by their budgets, but it is reasonable to say more and more drones will become prevalent in the near future.

3. Firefighters

Drones are changing the World - Firefighter

Firefighter return from burning building entry

Firefighters have been capitalising on the technology in various ways too. Using the IR and thermal cameras, teams can assess the safety of situations more accurately and quicker. Vital, when second saving actions could be the deciding factor. Drones can be connected by wires to the ground. The wires can provide reliable power and HD camera/video feed, with reduced risk of failure.

How the fire service use drone technology to suit their needs:

  • Scene Monitoring
  • Search & Rescue
  • Post fire or disaster assessment
  • Forest fire fighting

Drones can have a big impact in all the above areas, especially forest fire fighting. Where more so in the future, when larger payloads can be flown. But at the moment the sensory technology and manoeuvrability are enough to give damage management a huge boost in their ability to control the fires.

4. Humanitarian Aid

First aid station equipped with drone, ready to fly

Humanitarian Drone preparing for flight

Just after disaster strikes, usually infrastructure and the local form of help are debilitated. U.A.V’s can be used to:

  1. Assess damage.

    • Drones can access difficult areas, in small enclosures to make quick assessments of situations that may arise. It can carry a host of sensors to detect gas – H2S, for instance after earth quakes. Cameras can transmit back live video, so teams and experts can advise and decide the course of action.
  2. Locate survivors.

    • U.A.V’s can be sent on reconnaissance missions to find any survivors. Coordinating multiple drones to cut down time and man power. Thermal imaging camera technology has really advanced the speed in which we can find missing persons out in the open. Now, with a drone as an additional platform to manoeuvre and utilise the tech better.
  3. Aid communication.

    • In time of disaster, sometimes normal communication is temporarily lost. A drone aloft could act as a signal hub for the emergency situation, providing a means of communication. Frontier Tech Livestreaming, a company committed to bring new World solutions to the 3rd World. Soon, along with partners in the Emergency Telecommunication Cluster (ETC) will be testing a U.A.V for this purpose. It is designed to be tethered with a ground wire, and can hover for 72+ hours. With its 3G router it will transmit a signal, to allow the chance of a better coordinated response to take place.
  4. Transport medicine and first aid.

    • Critical situations may be decided within minutes, maybe even seconds. As seen in the video below, the abilities of the drones are perfectly suited for these situations.
  5. Rapid field to lab sample transfer.

    • Road access to remote villages, where sometimes break outs of deadly infections can occur, are slow to travel. Even by motorbike, samples can spoil before reaching the laboratory. In these situations, a flying carrier would be ideal for the job. It could help save some lives in the process.
  6. Deliver unpredictable supply to difficult locations (e.g. snake venom)

    • There are, for example, many brave people in the Australia, South Africa. Whose job it is to rescue venomous animals, kill them as pests, help relocate and capture injured creatures. What ever the task these people are always at risk of been bitten. Depending on the animal an anti-venom may have to be administered and maybe within a short time period. A drone could provide this service in certain cases.

The UN OCHA or the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. They recently published a report evaluating the viability of U.A.V use for humanitarian missions.

5. Disease Control

Swimming gang of bacteria

Bacteria in search of next victim

Drones are helping in more ways than just transportation of treatment and medicines. Today, we are innovating new ideas as to use drones in a preventative manner. Take the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and partners, they have just successfully tested a drone trial to fight mosquitoes.

The mosquito pass on various nasty diseases when feeding on humans and are a plight in certain countries. U.A.V’s are being used to carry large population of sterile males and release them into a mosquito population. This disruption to their ability to breed, scientists hope, will quell breakout populations of pest mosquito.

Drones can be used to monitor livestock with illness,  as to track interaction and help possible containment. Plants can benefit too, as farmers can use camera technology, mounted on inspecting U.A.V’s. These images can detect changes in colour of the plants and grain leaves to determine their health. This technology can diagnose early stages of disease. This will obviously help reduce yearly dead loss of crop and the possible spread of disease.

Crop spraying could eventually be done autonomously. As larger drones with the ability to carry heavier payloads are developed.

Nano-bots are being developed. Tiny drones, designed to enter the body and search out disease and foreign bodies in the system.

6. Healthcare

Emergency Room

Speed can save lives with organ, blood and marrow transplants

There are many instances in emergency response where drone technologies can reduce response time. Blood for transfusions in hospital operations or home birth complications, for instance. The center for resuscitation science at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. Recently carried a simulated study for heart attack emergencies in Stockholm. Which showed that defibrillator distribution to patients who suffer a heart attack in public, were attended to 16 mins quicker by drones, than emergency services.

Currently in Rwanda, the company Zipline are delivering blood products and other medical supplies to those in need. The drone has a 75km range and can battle through high winds and rain with a payload of 1.5kg, covering the distance in an average of 30 minutes.

In an urban or rural area, drones could dramatically cut times for small equipment or medicine to reach a patient.

7. Agriculture

Overhead photo of tractor farming a field

Drones eye-view of farming

The agricultural industry has seen one of the biggest revolutions in terms of the combination of drone and camera technology. It is now being termed precision farming. As the facility of cheaper air surveillance enable farmers to monitor throughout the year. Whereas before, only the wealthiest farmer could get a helicopter flyover. Retrieving overhead photographic information,  with high tech camera operators hired out for the day. Now IR, thermal and other sensors can give vital information if preemptive action for foreseen problems are needed.

Terrain hot spots can be detected, along with nutrient richness of the soil. The topography can be detailed by 3D modelling software, data can reveal the production rich and poorer areas of farming land.

Harvesting of land plantations are now being done autonomously, soon their flying friends will above them supervising and orchestrating the operation using AI and laser beams.

8. Weather Forecasting

A thunder storm over a city

What weather will we get next?

Weather monitoring has been aided by balloons, a U.A.V, for decades. Now modern drones are being used to help predict if storms are going to turn into hurricanes. This is why NASA has bought two Global Hawk drones to assist in taking measurements.

Other remotely unmanned aircraft are being flown to record data such as

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Altitude
  • Air Pressure

All this data is provided in real-time and can be conducted at a fraction of the cost. Teams have also used multiple drones making investigatory passes as varying altitudes. The comparative data collected in this manner can be very beneficial depending on the desired metric. U.A.V’s can fly longer, higher than manned flight. Soon permanent unmanned flight will be achieved and constant sensors can be allocated to the sky to monitor and try and better predict where we should go on holiday this year. In seriousness, this more sensitive predictions of devastating weather events will help save lives.

9. Ocean Surveying

Vessel carrying out scientific research

Preparing the sub drone to go and collect data

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), less than 5% of the earths oceans have been explored by Humans. Aquatic drones are being deployed to get all sorts of data from our oceans.

An American Company Saildrone has produced a commercial drone with an array of sensors. A Total of 16 instruments measure atmospheric, oceanic and physical elements to provide comprehensive and vital data. Some of the mesearements taken are:

  • Ocean Mapping
  • Water temperature
  • Salinity
  • pH
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • pCO2
  • Ocean current
  • Fish Biomass and depth
  • Marine mammal acoustics
  • Magnetic field

The mapping of the ocean floors and especially of our coastal areas would be very beneficial. In coastal waters the data could help map more accurate dangerous areas for vessels at particular tide heights. Mapping in the deep oceans could lead to better understanding of currents and the weather. Even discoveries of natural resources and maybe an old pirate ship full of treasure!!

With such promising rewards for in comparison cheap outgoing. Governments are starting to issue grants for surveys of their coastal waters by these methods. Universities in California being the latest to receive money to survey local wildlife and ocean condition.

10. Wildlife Conservation

2 Beautiful Grey Rhinos

Helping animals on the verge of extinction

Helicopters have been the only option for wildlife monitoring from air. This form of monitoring is necessary for many species. Filming wildlife with a helicopter and specialized crew, is expensive and dangerous. A staggering 60 people, pilots, cameramen and crew have died in the last 80 years attempting to capture the wild on film from a helicopter. So it makes sense that drones are being used in various ways to assist.

  • Wildlife surveying
  • Monitoring
  • Land mapping
  • Marine ecosystems
  • Support anti-poaching
  • Support anti-trafficking
  • Help enforce rules in protected areas

If the U.A.V’s are used with prudence as not to scare animals. There is potential for revolutionary change in this field, as many others.

11. Energy

Energy pylons and wind turbines in the background

Power grid infrastructure and wind turbines always need maintained

The energy sector, always has to maintain their assets in what ever the weather. Some of the locations, for instance, offshore. Make it very difficult and dangerous to get access. Either an oil rig in the middle of the sea or a wind turbine standing alone in choppy waters. People have to go to these locations for routine visual checks and more. Where possible, U.A.V and underwater drones could be utilized to complete certain tasks.

The routine inspections of electricity pylons, can be completed by a drone, much quicker than a human inspector. Who has to stop and set up at every location. Travelling up in their basket, completing the inspection, returning down. Packing up and driving to the next location. A 20 minute endeavor could be cut to 5 minutes, with any suspect areas warranting a further inspection , looked at.

There are many uses drones can be put to. Regulation and law clarification will allow manufacturers and businesses more capable and willing to integrate the technology more.

12. Maritime

Shipping container

Shipping container setting sail fully loaded

Solutions U.A.V’s can bring to the maritime industry are as far and wide as you can imagine. When the weather permits and when the missions travel time doesn’t exceed the battery life. A drone might be the perfect solution for many jobs. Again, out of dock, logistically some tasks are cumbersome, expensive and time consuming. Apart from the obvious over the side inspection using a drone. Other applications include:

  • Security
  • Intelligence
  • Environmental surveillance
  • delivery of spare parts or medicine
  • Search and Rescue
  • Cargo Inspection
  • Integrity Inspection
  • Pollution detection & monitoring
  • Drug trafficking
  • People trafficking
  • Fisheries protection
  • Offshore asset inspection

Some of the issues highlighted here, are serious problems that need to be addressed. So much so, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) have implemented a 5 year strategy to improve coastguard security and surveillance. The EMSA have awarded a drone contract to Martek Marine. The largest ever drone contract given to a civilian company. Rumoured to be valued at 67 million Euros. In which the company is tasked to control surveillance drones. In order to collect imagery and data where and when it’s needed.

13. Security & Surveillance

Cameras on wall watching

surveillance is going to get a lot easier with drone technology

The use of drones will become more and more prevalent across a range of different situations. Where monitoring of proceedings is beneficially or even paramount. Police and the security services, are the obvious use cases that come to mind. Giving them enhanced ability to monitor events, such as large sport, or musics events or festivals. Watching traffic in the required locations at peak times, or recording protests or social disorder disruptions. Capturing evidence for future prosecutions if needed.

Multi-rotor U.A.V’s could patrol short/medium length boundaries and even indoor patrol of premises. This could be implemented for business and country border security. Fixed wing drones could patrol the large ranging borders. Their heat and IR cameras looking for illegal entry. Assisting human and drug smuggling gang capture with aerial intelligence.

The biggest problem being to what extent will we be allowed to be monitored. Where does the line between privacy rights and security obligations to society begin and end.

14. Crime

Man standing holding a crow bar in an intimidating manner

U.A.V’s, like any technology, can be used for good or bad!

As with every technology. inventions can be used for good or bad. So this goes without saying the abilities of U.A.V’s, with their cost to benefit ratio invite criminals to use drones.

Already, many prisons are reporting and having to guard against outside actors, flying drones into the premise with contraband for inmates. With the FPV and night vision camera, sophisticated gangs can fly near silent goods to where they are paid to.

One of the biggest fears, has been the use of drones as a bomb delivery device to a public event or arena. Contraband smuggling, whether it be to a prison or another country, will be one of the major uses for drones by criminals.

15. Waste Management

Overview shot of waste plant

Another surveillance and inspection job a drone can be put to.

U.A.V’s in the waste management industry are having great affects. Being able to provider managers and planners of these sites, vital information.

These industries have to adhere to strict government regulations, so precise planning and management can prevent big fines for malpractice. Aerial photos help provide an overall picture of the terrain and can identify problem areas. Hot spots, maybe from fermentation or unwanted reactions from mixing substances. These ares could be located and dealt with before causing costly problems. Drainage problems, pooling and safety of heaping can all be monitored too.

Drones can be used for maintenance and inspection of pipelines and assets. Also checking for problem gases etc.

16. Construction Planning

Drones are changing the World - Birds-eye view of construction site

Overhead plan view of construction site progress and land overview

The different phases of any construction projects, have better chance of success, if good thought and planning has gone into the development. This can be done better with more information and bringing all the tools to the table. To put yourself in the best position to make those crucial decisions.

Drones capabilities to bring over head aerial views of plots. Along with the array of data that can be collected from the array of sensors mounted. Topography, soil quality, heat spots, water pooling are naming a few metrics that can be measured to assist and optimise operations.

17. Infrastructure Development

Birds eye-view of building site

Drones eye-view of development

There are vast amounts of infrastructure in any country, from roads and railways to bridges and canals. All these general amenities have to be developed and maintained. City and urban developments, can benefit from aerial photos. All stitched together can produce a giant detailed map of the area in question.

This is all done by editing technology and can be used for all use cases, as the advantages of seeing the plan, modelled so cheaply and efficiently are invaluable to nearly any business.

After all the infrastructure is in place, it all needs to be looked after and maintained. Routine inspections of bridges, piers and reservoirs for example. Could be carried out by U.A.V’s. The hard to reach locations suit these devices. As they reduce the time needed to carry out the task and save a team endangering themselves.

18. Urban Planning

Drones are changing the World - Urban planning

Drones eye-view of an inner city

Those drones eye-view aerial photos stitched together, again, are invaluable to town planners. The open and all encompassing perspective enables officials to future proof plans, relieve city choke points and connect areas better.

The over all improvement in efficiency of cities in fuel use and time management can improve the life quality of everyone in the community. Also reducing an overall environmental footprint.

Unnecessary traffic can be by-passed, parks organised to optimise communities and safety for children. Parking for residents and tourists organised for commute efficiency.

The versatility, for what a drone can be used and their relative inexpensiveness, are an interesting lure to city officials making improvements to their constituencies.

19. Public Transit/Transport

Metro 0 as train approaches station

If public transport can be helped to improve, we are all for it

All over the World, countries are testing and funding projects looking into using drones as a mode of personal transport. Dubai has trailed single pod U.A.V’s for human delivery. Chinese companies have been putting prototypes through test flights that have the capacity to carry 184 passengers.

The obvious safety concerns will rightly slow the process down, but inevitably, it will eventually become a common mode of transport.  The time frame depends on material technology improving and fuel sources and efficiencies evolving.

Initially it could be exclusive to those who can afford the tech. Nonetheless, drones will be used in most aspects of the infrastructure, from planning to maintaining it.

20. Insurance

House burnt down to the ground

Drones can help in many different areas of the insurance business

Insurance companies have been a bit slower on the uptake of the new flying tech. But now they are catching up. As the industry has a host of tasks it can set them to.

Insurance companies like all business are always trying to find the edge on their competition. Customer satisfaction is one area everyone likes to rank high in, as it usually correlates to customer retention and is a lure to new customers. Drones can help speed to process from claim to payment.

Accessing the critical information faster and cheaper, keeping the insurance representative safe on the ground.

They can be used to investigate false claims and monitor progress of repairs. The extra information can help underwriters evaluate risk of an asset better and reduce premiers as a reflexion.

21. Real Estate

high angle view of village with beautiful surroundings

Selling that house from a different angle

U.A.V’s use in real estate is still novel enough to give that ‘WOW’ factor in the presentation of a property. Aerial photos, fly-by videos with music can give a new dynamic to selling property. Everyone now is trying to get that edge and that commission. Because of this drones will also become common place in the real estate industry with in the next few years.

As well as to prospect buyers. Sellers can use the technology to assess premise price or problem areas that may need attention. This will no doubt lead to an average family man using his drone to asses his future family home. Literally, ‘the sky’s the limit’ for the use of this extra tool for inspection and marketing.

22. Pest Control

Tractor spraying field to control pests

Soon U.A.V’s could take over spraying crops

Even trying to control problem animal populations, drones are coming into affect. At a select number of airports, peregrine falcon like U.A.V’s are taking to the skies to try and combat the number of air strikes.

Drones like Robird are patrolling airport airspace to control the number of pest birds for their sake and ours. Birds hitting planes, at any point of flight, is often fatal for the birds, but engine strikes can be catastrophic for the passengers on board too.

This idea has been extended to other areas. Where control of animal behavior has to be enforced. At landfills and waste plants, some birds can become aggressive and even attack employees for food

23. Mining

Mining site - truck approaching plant with another load

Drones are already bring used on sites to help

The mining sector can take advantage from material produced form an aerial vantage point. A drone can provide data to the Health and & Safety and Risk Management departments. By observing erosion development on site, monitor stability of structures and processes. Then using the previous data for slump prediction.

Also damage assessment and incident monitoring in case of an emergency. Also the day to day location of plant and staff.

Routine site surveys, security and protection of assets, patrolling boundaries and mapping inaccessible ares all can be tasked to a U.A.V.

The mapping of land can help track access to site for condition and security. The intel can see drainage, the changing water sheds as terrain is moved. Pipeline inspection and leach pad condition , change and erosion.

Legal boundary disputes can use evidence of your mapping of the plot to settle cases.

24. Telecommunications

telecommunications tower

Inspection of masts for routine checks and problem shooting will be aided by drones

In Telecom, maintenance of masts and towers is a one of the major preventative inspection programs the industry has to undergo. Usually with teams of rope access climbers, technicians and engineers. The costs of man hours, mobilisation to the site, sleeping quarters and food can quickly mount up. A drone can bring back or directly feed the footage of the desired areas, in a faction of the time and cost.

Even if technicians have to go the site for repairs and maintenance, U.A.V’s can be used to assist the operation.

When a companies infrastructure fails, a mast stops working, by malfunction or natural disaster. Drones can be utilised as a communication hub. Hovering in a set point could temporarily act as a wifi, transmitter or a radio wave relay for two communication bases not in direct line of sight.

25. Internet access

Drones are changing the World - Globe graphic with telecommunication representation

Where satellites and masts can’t reach, fixed wings U.A.V’s already give some people the only internet they have


We have seen from Facebook’s experiments with long range fixed wing drones. Capable of staying aloft for months at time. U.A.V’s can be used to provide internet access to deprived areas of the World. By autonomously flying a route over the areas. Beaming down the internet for a basic entry into the information highway.

The ability for U.A.V’s to stay up flying is only set improve with diamond technology. Capable of receiving a laser beam input from the ground to recharge the battery, when needed.

26. Airlines

Airliner boarding passengers for the next flight

Inspections and bird control are two of the ways drones are changing the world at airports

Apart from the risks drones can pose to flying aircraft and the airline industry. They are actually being used in a constructive way. By using the U.A.V’s for inter flight inspections. Airline companies report,  downtime can be reduced 20 fold from using a drone. Impressive figures which will translate to a better bottom line for the companies that employee these technologies.

Companies like EasyJet have already tested this system of inspection. Demonstrating in 2015 an inspection, combining an array of technology. A pre planned flightpath was programmed into the drone. Using 3D modelling software, precise planning could take place. A multi-rotor drone was used for steady pictures and footage. Able to pilot into small spaces.

“Rapid”, the drone’s name, was designed for nuclear inspections. It had been modified to perform an efficient and detailed aircraft inspection. Fitted out with all the necessary sensors. Rapid can evaluate structural damage, from bird strikes and lightening hits to heat spots, shell thinning or erosion/corrosion problems.

27. Outdoor Activities

A Women with the World at her feet

The advance in camera and drone tech are being used to map mountain faces to help climbers plan their routes

Many Outdoor activities take place in remote areas. For example, skiers on runs in mountains could combine their GoPro footage with a drone in follow me mode. Many other activities could adopt this idea.

The extra software now combined with the drone technology is helping 3D modelling of mountain faces. This helps climbers to plan routes more safely and opens up unexplored territory for explorers.

In the future, I can see in an emergency, an injured hiker, skier etc. using a U.A.V to raise the alarm. Either by sending it skyward, with a beacon flashing and GPS signal wailing. Even with the possibility, to be used as a relay for a mobile signal out of the canyon, they are trapped in.

28. Live Entertainment

Everyone having fun at a live music show

Light shows are being revolutionised by choreographed U.A.V’s

Synchronising a swarm of drones, choreographing flashing lights and their movement. Now you have a whole new industry and form of entertainment. Which can used stand alone or in conjunction with human productions.

An addition to firework shows and pretend U.F.O spectacles, drones will be used in a vast number of ways to entertain adults and children alike.

At the moment, U.A.V’s are being used in theatre productions and even Walt Disney has a dazzling drone light show, to cap off a magical evening in their wonderland.

29. Tourism & Hospitality

Panoramic view of village on a lake

A panoramic view cheaply produced from a U.A.V could help boost the local income from tourism

The wonderful panoramic 4K footage that can be filmed at a fraction of the time and cost, compared to previous years. Is now all done, by one team member rather than an entire crew. Enabling cheap quality video advertisement material to be more readily available to make marketing the holiday or event easier.

Different Perspectives can be imagined by the creators, to entice their customers to come and join. At events, U.A.V’s can be used as security and surveillance. They can be used be companies to monitor football and other traffic for cold selling and advert board placements.

30. Sports/ Competition

Racing drone

A Homemade racer ready to get to action. Camera mounted for FPV

As wired cameras above sporting arenas revolutionised sports coverage two decades ago. Drones can give other perspectives in a number of sporting events. Even recording angles of plays that could decide the outcome of a game. Capturing unseen footage of ultra marathons or cross country skiing that usually can’t be filmed.

U.A.V’s have also carved out their own niche in the form of racing and freestyle competitions. World racing federations have formed and regular competitive races are held Worldwide. The Latest being, the FAI Drone World Championship Final being held at a stadium in Dubai, early November 2018. Read more here.

31. Film Making

Drones are changing the World - Filming on Set

Different options, angles and ideas are being used with a hand from a drone

Whether it be shooting a high budget Hollywood movie or BBC wildlife documentary. Land, sea and air, drones provide amazing shots that before would have cost ten times as much money and time. Filming high action car chases and rising panoramic shots revealing landscapes and scenery. Again, the limit of use is down to the imagination.

Filming wildlife bird migrations, following at distance, or get glimpses of species in hard to reach places for documentary purposes. Conservation numbers are being complied with the of drones. Concerns should be raised for the proximity of drones to wildlife. As the technology is so new, many will take a bit of time to adjust and get used to the alien flying contraption.

32. Retail Delivery

Drones are changing the world - drone carrying shopping trolley

With more and more home delivery taking place year on year, why not outsource to a U.A.V

As been tested for the past 3 to 4 years, by Amazon. They are set to be the dominating player in this field. When regulation finally gets ironed out by the various governments around the World. Their investment into the technology has been vast, even moving testing operations to the UK to develop their fleet, as at the time the US regulations were too restrictive.

Already Pizzas have been delivered and deliveries in the form of medicine already is getting more wide spread. But, in retail, because of the proximity to city populations, the restrictions and regulations have been tighter. As full evaluation of drone safety within a built up area comes to a conclusion. We could see soon, along with the development of geo-fenced drone highways, deliveries to household customers become a daily event.

33. Advertising

Drones are changing the World - Drones advertising to cars in a commuter jam on the highway

A Traffic Jam getting swarmed by drones advertising Uber

The days of the blimp and bi-plane flying over head are over! OK, maybe not just yet, but the fixed wing commercial drones will soon be up there flying banners, replacing human flown counter parts.

For lavish parties and to no expense, they can be used to hold samples for customers and have even been shown to carry a cocktail.

The ease and the versatility of U.A.V’s will give them advantage for use in advertising to set up a quick shot from an obscure angle never seen before, giving unique insight and creative license to those who have the imagination.

As we see in the picture above, advertisers have already started using drones in imaginative ways. This is Uber advertising to motorists in a traffic jam. More interesting and innovative ideas will no doubt be conjured up in the future to entice customers.

34. Warehouse Management

Drones are changing the World - Drone with lights hovering above an empty warehouse floor

Drones for warehouse management & stock control

Businesses are offering drone based solutions for managing inventory and stock in warehouses. Usually for accurate numbers of inventory to be taken, the shop must have downtime. This task also involves a lot of man power and time. Handing these tasks of checking stock and counting inventory numbers over to drones, will save money, time and manpower. Which can be re-directed into the businesses, in other beneficial ways.

Automation of order creation in warehouses is another method companies are looking to use to improve the economics of their business model.

Companies will always say this technology can help health and safety –  removing personnel from the hazardous situations, letting the drones do the same job with all the risk.

35. Fitness

A Man starting a sprint

Training alone can now be recorded for later evaluation

Personal fitness and especially technique critiquing will be revolutionised by the use of drones. Recording a training session was always done by a third party. A training partner, coach or friend filming. Now a drone set on follow me can record a short session from various angles to evaluate technique.

This video footage will be invaluable to amateur and professional athletes alike. Recording technique, for ‘at the moment’ improvements and comparable data over a longer time frame. Even with the advantage of the ability to send the footage to a professional coach.

This can open up a market where coaches could offer a lower entry package to starting wannabe athletes. Giving advise from the video sent to them. The best specific coaches for events could be sourced all over the world, without having to visit the Country.

This is not a new idea of filming sports for improvement. The fact a beginner can do it on his own, I see as being the big game changer for coaches, the next generation of sports stars and the quality of sport execution in general.

36. News Coverage

Presenter with big smile on her face delivering the News

Smaller networks will be able to compete using drone technology instead of needing a helicopter

CNN has reportedly the largest fleet of drones to capture events for their news shows. DJI drones, making up the majority of their company of U.A.V’s. They are also allegedly using the fly over footage they have recorded. to map terrain and areas of interest for future needs. The company are even taking this to the next level attaching thermal imaging to their drones. In conjunction using virtual reality with a live graphics overlay.

Experienced cameramen are commenting that U.A.V’s capture images impossible to capture from a helicopter. Of course, the reduction in the price to obtain that shot is a lure to any company. It especially helps new and upcoming networks that would not be able to normally compete with the bigger outlets. Using drones allows start ups to level the playing field slightly. With the use of some imagination and the new tech small niche news might be on the horizon.

37. Personal, Family & Friends Use

Friends enjoying a sunset on the beach

With the newest features of drones, they can be set

As we have seen with the explosion of selfie drones. A new wave of use cases are about to be set upon us. Families will no doubt start recording their holidays and family events or birthday parties, with a U.A.V. We can remove the age old saying, ‘Why’s dad not in the photo?’, ‘he was taking it!’.

All family and friends can be filmed, also with a planned or automated flight plan. The event can be filmed naturally, also giving the future generations and real feel of what the atmosphere was like. Not like the usual pretence put on for the camera when the light is shining on you.

Selfies can be taken from wonderful angles, impossible 2 years ago. Amateur film makers can also add to their portfolio with professional produced films, for a YouTube channel or other social media platform.

38. Archaeology

hieroglyphics in sandstone

The new wave of drones are reviving how this field uses the tech

U.A.V’s have been used in this field for the past 3 decades. The improvement of the technology and their durability, along with the reduction in price. Means we have seen a sharp rise in the use of new generation drones. Obviously, the surveying abilities of the drones are their main advantage. Being able to measure large areas of land for anomalies that interest the diggers.

The 3D scanning software is proving a real asset too. Archaeological teams go on excursions for certain time frames, before having to go back to the office or lab. In between each dig, decay and erosion take place. So the comparative data between digs helps teams to make critical decisions for future digs and preservation of the site.

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