Drones in Gold Rush


Drones join the Gold Rush.

Another U.A.V use case displayed on cult Gold mining series

The Gold Rush series

The Discovery Channel’s cult series ‘Gold Rush – Alaska’. Showed in the 17th episode of season 9 – that drones can successfully be used to help find gold rich areas of land. Freddie Dodge, a miner for over 30 years and a regular star in Gold Rush. Always on hand to help rookie miners, young and old. Set off on a nugget finding adventure in an ancient Alaskan river valley.

Nugget Valley

After a partially successful attempt during their 2014 season. Unable to pinpoint the pay streak of chucky gold – the local term for gold nuggets. Freddie and his father turned to modern technology to help their efforts in getting rich and at least paying their seasons bills and wages! Bringing in expert help who could combine the aerial mapping abilities of a drone and ground radio mapping from land based sensors.

Drone Choice

The U.A.V of choice by the topography mapping team, was a bespoke, fixed wing, a ‘Bebop’ styled drone with an array of sensors. Thousands of high detailed photos were taken on the multiple passes, planned and programmed by the client and tram to produce the desired and required result picture.

Technology use

Combining the ground radio results showing the bedrock of the ancient river bed and aerial viewpoint. The team and mining client were able to determine an area where most likely the ancient river bed widened. Meaning the water would have slowed, allowing for a possible area of gold deposits. With the possibility of nugget traps – a golden fortune. As Gold fever set in, the resulting clean-up. Produced over 40g of nuggets and 109g in total. Keeping the wolves from the door and giving hope to keeping their golden nugget dream alive.

The Future

Again another example how the cost effective nature of drone use can help across all sectors and industries. The U.A.V boom will continue as it’s platform uses, for all types of technology is still to be fully realised.

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