Rogue Drones Plague Airports

Airports shutdown by wandering rogue drone

Rogue drone shuts down Gatwick and Heathrow airports

As recents events at Gatwick and Heathrow airports in London, UK have shown the vulnerability of disruption. It’s wake up call to looming rise of problems, as the full impact of the U.A.V industry has had a lack of foresight and planning.

Security & Safety First – but losing a wad of cash too!

These events show, besides the security and safety aspects, drones can have a massive impact by disruption. Causing mayhem to passengers and airlines alike. Costing money and time at best. Then obviously causing a hazard to aircraft and the people aboard.

How to combat the problem?

In our view, the only feasible plan is to roll out a nationwide aerospace geo-fencing. Prohibiting unauthorised U.A.V’s to enter. The question will be who builds such a system. As eventually when looked into, military installations will have to geo-fenced out of bounds. So each country may want to build their own system for national security.



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